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What To Give
"What to give...what to give..."
Kikumaru chirped vibrantly on a Wednesday morning. St. Valentines Day. Their first, together. And even though he has to share her to the others on this very special occasion, it doesn't bother him that much. Knowing that eventually, after everything, he'll still have most of her attention. That despite what their O'Chibi claims about owning half of her full attention, he will still have every bit of it in the end.
"Eiji! Seiyume-chan is already here! Don't make a nuisance of making her wait!" Kikumaru kaa-san bellows downstairs. "Hurry up and get down here!"
His heart instantly slams against his ribcage at the mention of her name. Fortunately enough, the rest couldn't see him right now. Especially Fuji. He sweatdrops while imagining what particular sadistic smile will his bestfriend impose when he do really see him right now. He quickly pick up his bag and brashly runs down the stair as his heart nearly jump out his chest when he saw Seiyume, smiling up
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First Love (Nioh Masaharu)
First Love
(Nioh Masaharu)
He loves doing different kinds of tricks on her.
Leaving her fuming and him very amused at the end of the day.
Much to her chagrin and frustration.
Because she refuses to give the one thing he wants the most.
Her sweet yes. Her aloof affection. Her heart.
Which Nioh wanted ever since he laid his eyes upon her.
On that faithful day when Sanada almost blew his head off long years ago.
"Dream on brat, you ain't going to get what you wanted all the time."
He would just shrug his shoulder and smiles that seductive smile he knew would make her blush.
"Well as they say midget, try and try until you succeed."
This has been the usual exchange whenever they cross path with one another.
Verbal pouncing that he loves, a thing he enjoys because he has all of her attention solely focus on him.
Leaving Sanada to even more frown in return on which Yukimura would only laugh about everytime the former tries his best not to let the team be one member short.
"Must you al
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